human antenna project

project homme antenne

the support has become an antenna, a railway to the sky.

kite project

flying trash

a summer project making kites out of grocery bags

self-levitation platform

self-levitation platform

In this piece you actually pick yourself up by the bootstraps.



photo sculpture installation



At this moment electromagnetic waves from the creation of the universe are going through your body

real time audio system

realtime audio system

I simply wanted to displace sound.


Hotline is always on, call now

medium:: telephone booth, business cards, free software PBX, your cellphone

simplex complex

communication installation

the building is calling...


I imagine myself immersed in a body of perceptions. I am bombarded by a constant flow of sensory information into which I can tap or tune almost at my volition.

From their towers, antennas survey most of the world's activities. I envy their vantage point.


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