Art projects


conversation piece

The participants are asked to stand on either end of a long board and balance it between them.

Video Installation

flutter installation

Work with video usually embedded in an environment.

Photo Structures

near the Tokyo stock exchange

Photo panorama objects


twilight Tokyo Bay crossing

There is a special quality to fading evening light.

Sound Art

realtime audio system

Usually installations about sound

Contained Space/ Environment

modular portable space

Modular portable space

Time Moment

interactive study in rythym

The tubes are very sensitive to the touch.



Antennas a sign post to hidden communications

Interactive Art Works

communication installation

The spectator makes the piece.


I like projects which make you think, ideas put forth to change how you look at things, and notice something you may not have before.

Calling an art work a project keeps it alive, like it can change and adapt. This makes more sense to me.


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