Photo Structures



photo sculpture installation

evening intersection

twilight Tokyo Bay crossing

Twilight at a crossings near Tokyo Bay, just the neon light punch through the gray

bangkok overpass

double stretched photo

photo structure of bangkok

three rivers

three rivers tokyo

Sumida, Arakawa, Nihonkawa

hashi no shita

near the Tokyo stock exchange

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natural gas

natural gas

Suburban Japan


I try to photograph a place, frustrated by the rectangular frame around an image. I have chosen to explode it, by taking multiple framings of a place, I find that I can describe it better. These are not panoramas, or wide-angle images, but rather new shapes which echo or underline structural elements found at the place where the image is created.

To present these strangely shaped multiple framings, I build structures which create yet another level of dialog with the place, and the image of the place. Changing scales and multiple levels of activity are key to these works, which represent hubs of activity from around the world.


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