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entrance to the piece

drywall, framing, lighting

A blank wall marks/blocks the entrance. A perfect place to display a painting, except there is no painting or photograph, just the blank wall a passage behind it,

flushing the senses

hallway into the piece

A flood light blinds you at the entrance. Like a strong shower, it is meant to clean your eyes of the images a day of seeing has left on your retinas.

on stage

inside the room hot lights on

You have wrapped around two corners, and compared to the tight corridor the room feels large, All the floods are pointed at your eyes, they are hot and bright. In the middle of the room is a light switch.

alone, the little prince on his planet

inside the room hot lights on

When you flip the switch. The room goes dark, scary at first, but it is huge in the darkness, you are alone. From a previously un-noticed crack in the floor shines a pale blue light. You are floating on this island of darkness.


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